Footci Promotion, Solicitation & Nudity Policy Reminder

Footci Promotion, Solicitation & Nudity Policy Reminder
July 3, 2020 footci

Dear Footci Community,

In the last few weeks we have noticed an increase in user profiles that contain promotions and/or solicitations of selling photo/video content. We’ve also seen some users posting nude photos. We have received user complaints about these policy violations occurring within the app.

📣 We must strongly enforce our policy regarding promotions, solicitations, spam, and nudity in user profiles and in the community feed. Promoting, selling, advertising, soliciting, and/or spamming is not allowed on Footci. Nudity of any kind is not allowed on Footci. This means you cannot advertise content for sale or post nude photos on your profile or in the community feed. ‼

⚠ Before we begin to ban users that violate these policies, we are giving you an opportunity to remove any such policy violations from your own profiles/feed yourselves. Very shortly we will begin to remove them ourselves, and after multiple violations if a user is still found to be violating our policy then we will begin to ban users.

We want Footci to remain in the Google Play store for everyone to enjoy, and this means we as a community cannot violate Google Play Store’s rules. This is a very important step to ensure not only we stay in the Google Play Store, but we have a good chance to get into the Apple App Store as well, hence the urgency. If we don’t follow these rules, we will never get into the App Store. ☹

Keep it clean and help the community grow!

Thank you all,

Footci Team