Footci for iOS

October 2020

To all Footci fans (especially iPhone users)!

In April 2020, when we released version 1 of Footci on Android, we told you that we developed Footci for iOS as well, but Apple refused to approve the app.

As with any new app, our Android release had a few hiccups. We had to focus on the Android version to fix all the bugs and user experience issues, which we did (mostly), and are working on ongoing improvements of the Android app.

Unfortunately, this month Apple refused Footci again. We escalated our discussions to a higher level, and pointed out that Apple hosts many other apps that promote sexual freedom and kinks (such as RECON). Apple replied, “while your app does not include any sexual explicit content, the app concept is not appropriate for the store”.

This leaves us with Plan B, which is to create a web based version of Footci that can be accessible from any device. We are going to work on it, but it will take us several months to create because we don’t have the funds to work on it yet. We invested a lot of money in the iOS version with the hope that Apple will be fair and give our small community, Footci, a chance to grow.

Footci’s founders are 3 friends (2 guys and 1 girl), who all have a foot fetish and created Footci out of love and want to bring this fun existing fetish to mainstream. We all have regular jobs, and are not backed with any investors. So, we ask for your patience, and support in this journey. You can help by:

🙏 Share and tag us on Instagram @Footciofficial  or on Twitter @Footci (We are more active on Twitter than Instagram)
🙏 If you can, upgrade to Footci Premium (by selecting 1, 3 or 6 months subscriptions).
🙏 If you know of any investor who is interested to join us to expand Footci faster, send us an email at

We are sharing the below screenshot from Apple’s last message to us, so our community is aware:


✅ As of today, 6000+ users downloaded Footci!

Thank you all for your support, constructive criticism and most importantly, for following the community rules (We need to stay on Google’s good side!)

Footci Team